Monday, December 29, 2008

SF adventure express

Today Lucas and I set out of the house for a 3 hour San Francisco adventure.

9:15 - Lucas and I boarded the ferry for Lucas' first boat ride. We took the ferry from Jack London Square to the Ferry Building in SF. It was amazing, I had never taken this ferry before. Luckily for us, we got a respite from the frigid temperatures we were experiencing. It was a gorgeous day! Blue blue skies and not too cold.9:45 - We land at the Ferry Building. When we got to SF, we walked across to the Embarcadero. He has a great time running around Justin Herman Plaza, but we saw that the ice skating rink was about to open. So Lucas embarked on another first.

Lucas did great for his first time on ice skates! He would fall, laugh and just get back up. We had a fun time.

10:30 - We left the ice skating rink. Lucas' pants were soaked and I didn't have an extra pair because ice skating was an unplanned event. Knowing we still had to go to the Ferry Building for lunch and catch the 12:15 ferry back to Oakland, we risked it and went in search of a kids clothing store so I could pick up a dry pair of pants for Lucas. We found a Gap Kids in the Embarcadero, and picked up some pants

11:00 - We went back towards the Ferry Building. Lucas wanted to play tag, so we ran each other around the JH Plaza. He did a fair share of pigeon chasing too (yuck!) and I snapped some photos and video.11:30 - We made it to the Ferry Building and found suitable lunches for each of us. Of course, then we treated ourselves to Recchiuti chocolates and we were on our way.

12:15 - We boarded the ferry back to Oakland. We packed a lot into our 3 hours, but we had a great time!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Small talk at dinner

Lucas' friend, of mini dude fame, came over last night for dinner. After much deliberation I ended up taking the easy way out - Chinese take out. This is part of the dinner conversation I was privy to:

Mini dude: What's your favorite kind of food?
Lucas: Chocolate, cookies and ice cream. What are your favorite foods?
Mini dude: Well my first favorite is parmesan cheese.
Lucas: What's after that?
Mini dude: Cheddar cheese. And then fried rice (which he was eating voraciously while he was talking).

Then silence for about 20 seconds

Lucas: Do you like the white cheddar or the orange kind?
Mini dude: I've never seen white cheddar cheese. Are you sure it comes in white?
Lucas: Yeah, we have some white cheddar right now. Mom, don't we have white cheddar cheese now?
Me: Yes, we do.
Mini dude: Can I see it?

So I go and fetch the white cheddar cheese from the fridge.

Mini dude: Can I taste it?
Me: Sure. (I fetch a knife and cut off a piece and hand it to MD, he tastes it thoughtfully).
Mini dude: I think I like this better than the orange cheddar cheese.
Mini dude: So my favorite foods are, in this order, parmesan cheese, white cheddar cheese, orange cheddar cheese, and fried rice.

Way to diversify, Mini Dude!