Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lucas' storytime

We were at my mom's over the weekend. I was in the kitchen and looked over and saw this.

Lucas was reading one of his chapter books to Milan, and baby Jack (not pictured, but laying close by on the blanket). It was one of the cutest sights ever.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Lucas' book group

We are involved in carpools up the wazzoo to get Lucas to and from school. Even though it seems complex, with four different people driving him during the week, including myself, it's been a lifesaver. Plus, when I drive Lucas and his friends I get to overhear their conversations.

On the way home the other day, Lucas and his buddy were talking about their day's trip to the school library.

They were talking back and forth about different books, their conversation going something like this:

"Have you read the Magic Treehouse book 'Pirates Past Noon'?"
"That was a good one. How about the one about polar bears?"
"Oh, Polar Bears Past Bedtime, yeah I liked that one too"

And so on and so on.

After dropping off his friend, I said to Lucas, "You know how you and Linden were talking about books, that's like what I do in my book group. You and Linden were having your own little book group."

Lucas, not impressed, said, "Yeah, but we didn't get to have dessert like you." I guess not all book groups are created equal.

Monday, September 08, 2008

A conversation I overheard

So I admit, I'm addicted to Facebook. I use it more than email now to communicate to my friends. And the best part is, just like at a dinner party, I can overhear snippets of conversations, which I can jump in on or not, as the case may be.

Here is my friend Julie's status update:

Julie forced her vacationing mom to watch all 5 hours of the DNC and has just introduced her to the comedic genius of John Stewart. Lewis Black is next. 8:30pm - 11 Comments

And the following exchange that ensued...

Timothy at 5:37am August 29 - enough of the liberal tear jerking. dont you have Texas roots? reach deep into those roots and see the light.

Julie at 7:23am August 29 - Where do I live, Tim? Where. Do. I. Live? [she lives in Berkeley]

Timothy at 7:26am August 29 - hilarious. but in private i know you will be GOP.

Timothy at 9:21am August 29 - sarah palin baby. thats all i can say

Julie at 9:34am September 7 - The more I learn about her, the more despicable I find her. If you had daughters, you might feel differently...I think of the world I'm leaving my daughter, and I shudder at what the GOP assholes want to do to her.

Timothy at 10:37am September 7 - oh shit, its just a VP. lighten up. mccain wont rock the boat socially either. hes a border line liberal. what you get with mccain is an effective tax reduction supporter and small business hero.

Julie at 1:35pm September 7 - He's just another meat puppet of Rove's. I swear I saw the strings during his acceptance speech.

Sunny McKay at 2:29pm September 7 - julie, you're not crazy. i saw those strings too. and i agree, it's not just a vp, mccain is not going to last in office - he's 72, but being a pow, his real age is probably pushing 80. then we'll all be truly fucked!

Julie at 9:15am September 8 - Yeah, seriously...and NOT in the good way. Their slogan should be "Killin' & Drillin'....yee-HAW!"

Timothy at 9:16am September 8 - you know i have a county gop meeting on thur and we may well adopt that slogan

Julie at 12:38pm September 8 - Don't make me fly down there, Tim.

Monday, September 01, 2008

My heart is full of what?

Lucas and I play this game where he's usually appointed the big tiger, and I'm reduced to playing a baby mouse, or baby owl, or some other infantile creature. Oh, and no matter what creature I am, he always says, "And your name is Chubby."

Anyway, we were playing this the other morning (me playing Chubby the baby mouse) and Lucas is ready to go off and hunt for food. I said to him, "Are you sure I'll be okay here? I'm just a baby mouse." Lucas looks at me to assure me that he will be back soon after he hunts for food for us. Then he says, "You will be strong if you need to be, because your heart is full of secrets."

WHAT? Yep, I asked him to repeat it and he said, "Your heart is full of secrets." I asked him later about it and he denied that he ever said anything like that.