Monday, April 13, 2009

Cousins, swords and Easter eggs

My cousin Cathy and her family came into town for Easter weekend.

On Saturday we hit the Cherry Blossom Festival in SF. They had lots of martial arts performances which we thought would be fun for the kids to watch. But mostly, they were into eating and looking at all the funky little toys at the Japanese stores in the Japan Center.

Lucas scored a wooden sword, which he proceeded to wield about on the empty downtown streets as we walked back to the BART station.

On Easter morning my sister's family came over too. Here are all the kids together in one photo, miraculously, everyone's looking at the camera.
The Easter egg hunt was mostly just Lucas and Milan. Cassidy and Connor also picked up their fair share of candy, there was definitely plenty to go around. Of course Lucas was very concerned about being able to find the most, while Milan is still at the age where the few that she finds is just fine with her.

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