Sunday, November 13, 2005

Breakfast conversation

One of the fun things about living with a toddler is I have absolutely no idea what new, fun topic might come out of his mouth.

This morning, we were sitting at his little table eating cereal and milk. Right next to the table is Maggie's den. I had just said something about what a nice day it will be for us to go to the park and Lucas picks a new topic.

Lucas: Is that Maggie's butt? (pointing to Maggie's backside)
Me: Yes, it is.
Lucas: Where is her penis?
Me: She doesn't have one. She's a girl dog.
Lucas: Yes, she has one. It's on her tail.
Me: No, that's just her tail.
He ponders this for a few seconds.
Lucas: Maggie has a big butt. It's big and black.
Me: Yes, she sure does.

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Whitney said...

We went to the zoo yesterday and I had observations similar to Lucas's about every member of the monkey family. Lots of confusion over the exposed parts.