Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another one bites the dust

Today I quit yet another job, to start a new job.

I've had a lot of jobs. Why have I switched so much? I guess there are a couple reasons: I get bored easily and I'm somewhat of an opportunist when it comes to work.

It started when I was at an ad agency, I'd been there for two years. Then one of my former clients called me and asked me to work as her assistant brand manager at an educational software company, I wasn't sure if I should take it. I felt I should be loyal to the ad agency.

Then my former boss gave me some advice, "This is a great opportunity. You need to look out for yourself, because you're the only one really looking out for your best interests." So I left the world of advertising and started in on my marketing career. Thanks Elizabeth!

Oh, the places I've been! Here''s a quick rundown post-college:

Law office
Dean Witter (now Morgan Stanley)
DMB&B Advertising (now defunct)
Knowledge Adventure
Team in Training
Providian (now part of Washington Mutual)
Osborne/McGraw-Hill (now just the SCORE centers)
The Learning Company (now part of Riverdeep)
Riverdeep (formerly The Learning Company)
Kodak Gallery (formerly Ofoto)
See Jane Run

What am I doing now? Well, I'll spend more time volunteering with Potentia Foundation and also working for a new start-up, which so far, is still top-secret. But soon...

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