Monday, May 07, 2007

Parenting moments

Since Lucas joined us in July of 2003, we've had so many moments where we stop and think, "This is what being a parent is all about." Of course, you have the great moments:

- Holding Lucas for the first time
- Watching him eat his first peach and loving it right away
- Watching him ride a bike for the first time
- Listening to him tell me a story he made up
- Hearing his friends at school say excitedly, "It's Lucas!", when he walks in the door

Then there are the "other" moments:
- Giving Lucas his first bath at 3 weeks old, without Kevin there. Realizing he had pooped in the baby bathtub and realizing that I was the one who had to deal with it.
- Calling 911 when Lucas had a fever, only to be asked in the living room by the 3 paramedics if we had given him Tylenol to lower his temperature. ("Uh no, we didn't do that. Sorry guys, guess you can go home now.")
- A solid hour of resisting everything as I try to get him out of bed, dressed, teeth brushed, fed and out the door for school.

Yep, we had one of those "other" moments on Saturday.

We were on a playdate with Lindsey and Miles. We had met them at their house and scootered to downtown Berkeley for some ice cream.

The way there and eating the ice cream went fine, of course. But the way home we ran into some issues. Suffice it to say, I carried and dragged Lucas (kicking, crying and screaming the whole way) with one arm, and a scooter in the other, for about a mile.

By the time we got back to our house, I was in tears too.

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RookieMomHeather said...

:-( awww, I feel you. Sucks.