Sunday, June 15, 2008

Day trip to SF - Kiteboarding races

On Friday Lucas and I headed out for our SF adventure, with the ultimate goal of getting to Crissy Field in San Francisco to watch the national kiteboarding championships.

As always, Lucas had fun just riding on the BART train over to SF. He entertained some out-of-towners sitting across from us with facts about BART, like "You know we're going to go underwater soon. But you can't see the sharks because we'll be in a tunnel. Actually, it's called the Tube."

It was still warm and sunny when we arrived in SF, reason enough for Lucas to caper down through the streets to the Ferry Building where we picked up some lunch to-go.En route to Crissy Field, we stopped for a pit stop at this candy store. Upon entrance they accost you with huge baskets and tell you you can fill it up with candy for something like $5. I politely declined and opted for the 4-year old torture route, telling Lucas that from these barrels and barrels of candy, he could pick out two pieces. As you can imagine, this took quite a while as he deliberated among the array of brightly-colored taffies, chocolates, and other sugary doo-dads. He opted for a piece of chocolate chip taffy and a chocolate square.
When we finally made it to Crissy Field around noon and it was freezing! Plus we were informed that the races wouldn't be starting until 1pm. It was so cold and windy that Lucas even asked for his sweatshirt, but still opted to hold out on the long pants which I packed just in case.

This picture doesn't show it, but Lucas really enjoyed his fancy sandwich of brie, arugula and fig jam. The crusty bread was a far cry from the standard soft sandwich bread he gets at home. But he loved it and made pirate sounds as he ate.
We whiled away the time playing on the beach. Yes, even I, with the motto, "I love the beach, except for all that sand," laid down and played in the sand as that was the only way I could keep warm. I was tempted to ask Lucas to bury me in the sand, but I decided I would only do that if the temperatures got lower than 50 degrees.

After about an hour, we ventured to the little cafe nearby for some hot chocolate to warm up my old bones. We sat down with our hot chocolates and Lucas looked into his and said, "I don't think they put extra chocolate in mine," which he's heard me mutter often enough when we go out for cocoa.
As we ran back out, we saw the kites already up in the sky. This guys even let us look at his kite up close. We watched the races for a bit, it was pretty cool, but Lucas was more interested in playing in the sand.We started the long trek back to downtown to catch the BART station. With a pit stop at Cocoa Bella. After much hemming and hawing, Lucas finally chose a hazelnut chocolate ganache truffle. I'm sure the somewhat snooty salesperson was amused when Lucas said, "Can I please have the one that looks like a snail?"

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