Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Kids Q&A

I learn a lot toting the carpool kids back and forth from school. In the morning when I drive the two first grade girls, I definitely learn a lot more…their conversations go way beyond Star Wars and bathroom humor of Lucas and his friend in the afternoon.

This morning the girls were talking about the questions they were batting around in class earlier in the week. Every kid in their class got an opportunity to ask a question and give their own answers. I asked the girls to repeat some of the questions while we drove so we could all weigh in:

  • What’s your favorite time of the year – summer or winter? 3 for summer, winter for me.
  • Would you rather have two noses or three eyes? 1 for two noses so she could smell cookies better, the rest of us said 3 eyes, as long as the 3rd one is on the back of our heads
  • Would you rather talk to animals or live forever? 3 for talking to animals, 1 for living forever.
  • Would you rather fly or see through walls? Everyone wanted to fly.
  • Would you rather be able to jump high or run really fast? Two for two.
  • Would you rather have no hair or no shoes? The girls freaked and said of course they would give up anything before losing their hair. Lucas would rather have his shoes so he could kick soccer balls.
  • Would you rather be a princess or Hannah Montana? 2 for HM, Lucas and I said, “WTF?”

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