Wednesday, February 18, 2009

All Star Wars, all the time

To say Lucas is in a Star Wars phase is an understatement. He lives, breathes, draws, and plays Star Wars - all the time.

He goes through so much paper drawing various Star Wars characters in different acts. He said to me one day, "Mommy, I think I was born to draw Star Wars characters." (photos to come)

His LEGO building is also all about Star Wars. After making dozens of fighter ships, rockets and such, he made this. I thought it was nice that he took a break to make something different - the Star Wars Cafe.Clone Trooper #475: Fighting those Rebel forces sure is hard work.
Clone Trooper #7935: I agree. Hey, I think this hot cocoa could use some extra chocolate.
Clone Trooper #475: I think you're right. Someone's got to do a better job training these droids.
Clone Trooper #7935: No time for it now. We have to get back to our Clone Trooper Fighter Ship and finish this battle.

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Felix said...

This. Is. Awesome. I can't wait until our boy gets into a Star Wars phase!