Friday, December 08, 2006

Canine couture

In the car this morning I covered Lucas with my warm coat. He started talking about how we should drive to school with blankets in the morning. Then he said even Maggie (our 7-year old pitt mix) should have a blanket in the back.

This started him down a whole new tangent for Maggie.

Lucas: When Maggie grows up, she should wear more clothes.
Me: What type of clothes should she wear? Does she have a favorite color?
Lucas: Her favorite color is yellow. Maggie should have a yellow shirt, then some pink pants.
Me: Should she have a picture on her shirt?
Lucas: Maybe a picture of Kona (my sister’s dog). And then she needs some shoes.
Me: What color?
Lucas: Yellow on one foot and pink on the other foot.
Me: What about her other two feet?
Lucas: Orange and brown.

I would pay good money to have a visual of this.

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Meg said...

Hi Sunny: I linked through from Parenthacks. I love that you're using video on your blog- will you email me about guest contributing? hatchew at hotmail dot com?