Tuesday, December 19, 2006

On babies and lies

Sunday night we went to a Hannukah party. There were a bunch of other kids there, but they were between the newborn and 2-year old phase.

At one point, Lucas said, "Mommy come over here." I asked why. He pointed to a toddler and said, "He's stinky." His mom assured Lucas that she just checked and her son didn't have a poopy diaper. Lucas was skeptical.

On the ride home I asked Lucas if he had fun.

Lucas: I had fun. But those babies all smell alike. They all smell like pooh.
Me: Sometimes little kids smell like that if they have pooh in their diaper.
Me: When you were little sometimes you smelled like pooh so I would change your diaper.
Lucas: No that's not true.
Me: Yes, it is true.
Lucas: You're lying mommy. And you shouldn't lie like that.

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