Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lucas' Hollywood ending

Lucas' bed time routine consists of two books, one made-up story which we tell, and one song.

For the made-up story, Lucas has special requests, to make sure we set the stage for the story. Here is the type of preamble I get before I tell him a story:

"Tell the story about how me and Jack (his new BFF at school) go to the end of the street and there's a spooky old house. And we go in and see a creepy old troll with purple skin and black teeth. Then we try to open the door again but it's locked. So we shine a flashlight in his eyes and he melts so we get away. Tell me that story."

At times like this, I say to him, "Wow, you practically told the whole story, can you finish it?" He flatly refuses and makes me re-tell it, yet often corrects me when I get a detail wrong.

On many occasions, we fall asleep in his room during the storytelling session. I try and hold it together, but honestly, sometimes I can't help but doze off. I know I start mumbling about things that happened during the day, like, "...and then I was on hold for 10 minutes with the DMV...". Lucas will shake me and say, "Mommy, that's not the way the story goes. I don't know what you're talking about." Neither do I.

This happened on Wednesday night. I was telling him a story about something (see I don't even remember now) and fell asleep. Lucas woke me up and this was the conversation as I remember it.

Lucas: Finish telling the story mommy
Me: Can you tell me what the story was about?
Lucas: Can you just finish the story? (clearly exasperated with his lame story-telling mom)
Me: I forget what it's about.
Lucas: Mommy just say this, "Then we all went back to Grandma Kay's and had a party with cupcakes with blue frosting and blue sprinkles. The End." Can you just say that for the ending?

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