Saturday, November 03, 2007

Candy experiment - results

Well, the results were mixed and not quite what I had hoped for.

Lucas has such a sweet tooth. He loved waking up and feeding his sweet tooth every morning. Of course, I would also fix him breakfast, which he would eat, but then, right back to the candy. And once we got home from school, he would make a bee-line for his candy.

On Thursday afternoon he ate about 8 pieces of candy. He walked around doubled over for a bit before dinner, saying, "My tummy hurts." I asked him if he thought it was from all the candy. Of course, he said no. After surprising me by eating a healthy meal of chicken spinach salad and some good crusty bread, he went right back to inhale more candy. I was secretly hoping that he would have recognized his evil ways and said "no" to candy.

Friday morning, I reminded him that he would be giving up his candy at the end of the day. He ate his candy with a slight look of desperation in his eyes. I also reminded him that the "sugar fairy" would leave him something in place of all his candy.

Saturday morning he was a little upset that his candy was gone. He couldn't believe it was true. Then I asked him if he checked to see if the sugar fairy left him anything. We opened the front door and his eyes went immediately to a shiny stack of coins on the porch(about $1.50). He grabbed the coins and started putting them into his coin bank and never mentioned his candy again.

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