Thursday, February 28, 2008

Love, defined by Lucas

Lucas and I have this little game where we write notes to each other and put them into the others' respective mailboxes. Usually, it's like the old AOL ad, Lucas will say to me, "Mommy, you have mail."

Last night he was finishing up his snack in the kitchen and he told me I had some new mail.

Me: What is it? A card?
Lucas: Yeah, it's just a love card.
Me: What do you mean, "just a love card". What does love mean?
Lucas: You know, like "I love you"
Me: Yeah, but what does that mean?
Lucas (after a few seconds of mind-bending contemplation): It means I really really really like you, a lot.
Me: That sounds good to me. Can I read my card now?
Lucas: Yeah, sure. It doesn't matter to me when you read it.

Then he left the kitchen to go play. I guess he's not the sentimental type.

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danielle burke said...

hey! i subscribe to wondertime and they have these instant journal pages and in feb it had 'ask you kid to define love' as the question. i just found it today in my nightstand drawer and was laughing that natalie said love is "i love you and hugs and kisses and mommy, daddy, natalie and jb, and grandparents." i thought she was pretty spot on :)