Friday, August 15, 2008

He did it!

Lucas graduated from his preschool today. There was a big celebration, each of the 4 classes took their turn on stage to perform.

Lucas' class sang a song, which was hard to hear because it was really loud in the room (everyone, including kids, had already been sitting for almost an hour and were restless) and the kids, while I'm sure they sang their hearts out, had masks on, which covered their mouths.The best moment was when they called Lucas' name to get his diploma and he went up and got it. (Last year when they called his name, he refused to go up and get his diploma.) There was no bowing, posing for the camera, or other theatrics on his part. He just went up and took it from the teacher, but that was fine by us.
I wonder if Lucas is thinking, "Yay, I graduated!!!"

Afterward Lucas and his friends had a great time running around and engaging in general 5-year old rowdiness.

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