Sunday, August 03, 2008

Now playing on a wall near you

We haven't had a TV in our house since we moved when we redid our house, I guess that was 2005. So we have been watching DVDs, shows on iTunes and other online sources all on our computers, mostly our little laptops.

But a few weeks ago, Kevin came home with a new toy - a projector! So now we watch movies like regular people, the wall in our living room shows the picture at about 6 feet by 4 feet ... pretty awesome! Now we can sit comfortably in a room, instead of huddled together like media-starved monkeys. We also came through on our promise to Lucas that he could watch Star Wars when he turned 5. I anticipated that the morning of his birthday, he would be asking us when we could watch the movie. But he didn't even bring it up until a few days later. So we got the DVD and watched it.

I don't think he was really into the story, he had much more fun asking questions and trying to identify the characters, spaceships, and creatures that he saw on the big "screen".

Now all we need is a sticky floor and the smell of popcorn drowning in butter, and it'll really be like we're at the movies.

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