Saturday, August 23, 2008

Playdate from hell

This past week Lucas was home with Kevin. Kevin had some work to do so we set up a couple kids to come over to play with Lucas.

The first one went swimmingly. Lucas and his friend mostly made mud pies in the backyard. Kevin fixed them a lunch of yogurt and chips and guacamole (!!). According to Kevin, "They were really good. I peeked in on them a couple times but they were just having a great time." Lucas' friend went home happy, albeit muddy.

Then we had the second play date a couple days later. Throughout the day I checked in with Kevin, these are the reports I got back:

- they were making mud pies using Maggie's pooh
- Lucas' friend picked up Maggie's pooh by hand
- they cut a hole in the screen so they could climb out onto the roof (luckily, they only cut the screen and Kevin caught them before they went AWOL)

We were both anxious for Lucas' friend's dad to come back and get this little urchin out of our house.

When I got home, I asked Lucas how his play date went. He told me most of what happened. Then he also added in this tasty tidbit, "And my friend ate Maggie's dog pooh." Some other things this wild child did:

- climbed to the top of Lucas' closet and opened up all my new cans of tennis balls and left those sharp little lids everywhere
- ripped photos out of a book
- ripped some pages out of a book
- smudged the walls along the staircase

Granted, it could have been Lucas who had done these things, but I highly doubt it.

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