Monday, September 22, 2008

Lucas' book group

We are involved in carpools up the wazzoo to get Lucas to and from school. Even though it seems complex, with four different people driving him during the week, including myself, it's been a lifesaver. Plus, when I drive Lucas and his friends I get to overhear their conversations.

On the way home the other day, Lucas and his buddy were talking about their day's trip to the school library.

They were talking back and forth about different books, their conversation going something like this:

"Have you read the Magic Treehouse book 'Pirates Past Noon'?"
"That was a good one. How about the one about polar bears?"
"Oh, Polar Bears Past Bedtime, yeah I liked that one too"

And so on and so on.

After dropping off his friend, I said to Lucas, "You know how you and Linden were talking about books, that's like what I do in my book group. You and Linden were having your own little book group."

Lucas, not impressed, said, "Yeah, but we didn't get to have dessert like you." I guess not all book groups are created equal.

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