Monday, September 08, 2008

A conversation I overheard

So I admit, I'm addicted to Facebook. I use it more than email now to communicate to my friends. And the best part is, just like at a dinner party, I can overhear snippets of conversations, which I can jump in on or not, as the case may be.

Here is my friend Julie's status update:

Julie forced her vacationing mom to watch all 5 hours of the DNC and has just introduced her to the comedic genius of John Stewart. Lewis Black is next. 8:30pm - 11 Comments

And the following exchange that ensued...

Timothy at 5:37am August 29 - enough of the liberal tear jerking. dont you have Texas roots? reach deep into those roots and see the light.

Julie at 7:23am August 29 - Where do I live, Tim? Where. Do. I. Live? [she lives in Berkeley]

Timothy at 7:26am August 29 - hilarious. but in private i know you will be GOP.

Timothy at 9:21am August 29 - sarah palin baby. thats all i can say

Julie at 9:34am September 7 - The more I learn about her, the more despicable I find her. If you had daughters, you might feel differently...I think of the world I'm leaving my daughter, and I shudder at what the GOP assholes want to do to her.

Timothy at 10:37am September 7 - oh shit, its just a VP. lighten up. mccain wont rock the boat socially either. hes a border line liberal. what you get with mccain is an effective tax reduction supporter and small business hero.

Julie at 1:35pm September 7 - He's just another meat puppet of Rove's. I swear I saw the strings during his acceptance speech.

Sunny McKay at 2:29pm September 7 - julie, you're not crazy. i saw those strings too. and i agree, it's not just a vp, mccain is not going to last in office - he's 72, but being a pow, his real age is probably pushing 80. then we'll all be truly fucked!

Julie at 9:15am September 8 - Yeah, seriously...and NOT in the good way. Their slogan should be "Killin' & Drillin'....yee-HAW!"

Timothy at 9:16am September 8 - you know i have a county gop meeting on thur and we may well adopt that slogan

Julie at 12:38pm September 8 - Don't make me fly down there, Tim.

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