Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Happy Halloween x 2

Lucas' school celebrated Halloween on the 30th this year, since they had parent conferences on the 31st.

Lucas decided that morning to wear his Spidey costume from last year. Here he is as Spiderman, with his buddy Spencer.

Spencer had an awesome costume...Wall E. The classes marched down to the main yard. There were some very elaborate costumes. The communication sent home by the head of school last week included this line:

Five of Lucas' classmates and their families came over tonight for pizza and then for some good old trick or treating in our neighborhood.

The 5 Star Wars characters (one may have been a Power Ranger, not sure) and one vampire shark were all brandishing light sabers, even the vampire shark.Luckily we escaped the house and started trick-or-treating before anyone got hurt. We came back and the boys counted and sorted their candy, and then everyone went home and went to bed with sugar coursing through their veins.

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