Sunday, November 30, 2008

Keeping up with the boys

Today I went biking with Lucas and his friend and his mom, Becky.

Mind you, back in the day I was a decent mountain biker with a real mountain bike. Then the bike got stolen, I got pregnant and bought a more sensible street cruiser instead.

My cruiser has been good for all the biking Lucas and I do around town. But today, we took the boys to Tilden to go down some trails. But knowing that we would be going down easy trails, I had no reason to worry that my bike would not be able to rise to the challenge.

Unfortunately, I was wrong. The boys went screaming down the first big hill, I couldn't keep up. Going uphill was easier for me to keep up, since both boys struggled a bit with their little dirt bikes that don't have gears.
But they pushed hard and made it up all the little uphills, while going no holds barred down the little hills.

At one point, Lucas turned around and said, "Why are you going so slow?"

Time for a new bike for mom!

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