Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mini what?

The other morning, in anticipation for the afternoon play date, I asked Lucas what he and his friend usually play at school. I was expecting him to name some obscure Star Wars character, but I didn't hear those words. He said something that started with "mini" but I couldn't make out the rest of it, "Mini what?" I asked? He said it a couple more times, I still didn't get it.

Lucas: Mom, we play mini duuude! (WTF??)
Me: Wait, it's called mini dude? I haven't heard of that before, how do you play?
Lucas: You squat down and pull your shirt over your knees and walk around like this (demonstrating).
Me: Oh, interesting. I haven't ever seen that game before (trying hard not to laugh).
Lucas: Then we try and push each other over or pretend we're playing with light sabers.
Me: Like Star Wars?
Lucas: No mom, it's mini dude? Didn't I just tell you that?

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