Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Lucas' sleep revelation

As some of you know, we've all been challenged in the sleep department since Lucas first escaped from his crib and has in a regular bed, which was July 2005. It's been a long long time since we all got a good night's sleep. And it was especially bad in the past month.

But I think we turned a corner two weekends ago. When I was tucking him in, we had a meeting of the minds and came to a happy meeting place, which I'm probably jinxing as we speak:

Lucas: Mommy, please don't close the door.
Me: Okay, if I keep it open, will you stay in your room?
Lucas: Yes, I will.

And that's pretty much been it. Even for his naps, which have always been a challenge, he stays in his room and falls asleep fairly quickly. He still gets up in the middle of the night and comes into our room. We'll see how that changes when we move back into our house and we're upstairs and he's downstairs :(

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Whitney said...

I'm so glad you are seeing the light at the end of the sleep-deprived tunnel.