Wednesday, March 01, 2006

How does he come up with this stuff?

Lucas says the most random stuff. I'm not sure where it all comes from. We know he has an active imagination, but since his preschool teachers have mentioned it several times, I'm assuming his imagination is more active than most.

The other day, "Puff the Magic Dragon" was playing on the radio. Lucas said, "When I was a baby, my friends used to sing me this song when I was sleeping in my crib." Luckily, I was not around when his so-called friends serenaded him with Peter, Paul and Mary.

Today, I had to pick up Lucas while he was still napping and put him in the car. Naturally, once he woke up, he was pretty grumpy. After about 20 mintues of non-stop grumbling, he suddenly stopped and said in a normal, non-whiny voice, "I like apple peels. They're my favorite because they have vitamins. Did you know apple peels have vitamins?"

This morning, we were at the tennis courts. Lucas got distracted by some dried up worms on the ground. He stopped to examine them. After I told him what they were, he said, "They're kind of like dog pooh. Or maybe noodles. They're kind of freaky." Yes, they sure are.

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