Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Moving home, off to a slow start

So, Friday was our day to move into our "new" house. Lucas was off with Kevin's parents for the day, so we could busy ourselves with the task of moving in.

But move-in day got off to a slow start. Kevin took the day off, so we could "move in".

8:30-10 - I went for a long walk in the morning with Kimberley, stopped at Semifreddis for my hot chocolate and came back to the apartment.
10-11:30 - I puttered around the apartment for a little bit, then went to the house to let in the cleaning crew.
11:30-12:30 - Cleaned up a little and waited for Dana's Housecleaning service, who was supposed to show up at noon.
12:30-3 - Hurray, the cleaning crew finally showed up. I went back to the apartment to get ready to move-in.
3-3:15 - The crew was only going to be there till 3, but they were still working on the first floor. I called "Dana" and told her that they needed to stay longer. She gave them until 4pm. I was pissed.
3:15-4:15 - To while away the time, I went down to 4th Street for some dessert therapy. Dark chocolate and coffee ice cream at Sketch. But when I went to Bette's for their usual Friday cookie, oatmeal and chocolate chip, they didn't have any.
4:15 - The house was far from clean. Among other oversights the stairs were not vacuumed, the windows, walls and baseboards still had dust on them, and the bathrooms were not touched. I was livid!
4:20 - I left a message for "Dana" that they clearly needed more time. In my message, I told her that if I wanted a crappy housecleaning job, I would have done it myself and pocketed the $200 for something worthwhile.

Lucky for me and those close to me, the day took a turn for the better.

4:30-5:50 - Kevin and I watched an episode of Lost, our new favorite TV show.
5:55-7:30 - We hurried over to O Chame, our favorite restaurant, for dinner with Kimberley and Dan.
7:30-8 - We made a beeline for Sketch Ice Cream. Since I already had ice cream at Sketch earlier in the day (remember the dessert therapy?), I opted for the delicious mini Meyer lemon bundt cake.
8-10:30 - We decided to really get crazy so we rented a movie and went back to Dan and Kimberley's where 3/4 of us fell asleep at some point during Thumbsucker, which was actually a pretty good movie. (Lucas spent the night at the hotel with Kevin's parents).

Saturday is when we started to actually pack things up and bring them over to the house. Well, no, since I was at my sister's babyshower from 10-3.

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