Thursday, July 05, 2007

A Korean-American 4th of July

We went to Moraga to spend 4th of July. The crowd at my mom's was made up of the usual suspects: me, Kevin, Lucas, my brother and his girlfriend, my uncle, aunt and cousin, and the token relative from Korea. This time, it was Juno, I guess he's my nephew. He had just come to California four days ago and had already been to Yosemite. Nineteen years old, skinny jeans and a Beattle-like haircut. It looked like he was kind of bored, or maybe he just wanted to get outside to smoke a cigarette. But he was really nice and played well with Lucas.

Because it was oppressively hot, over 95 degrees, we gave up being outside since we were all dripping sweat standing in the shade. Instead we gathered around the TV to watch a great American pasttime, the national hot dog eating contest. Mostly it was just us younger folks watching it. But then, when the older folks heard us rooting for the 5'5", 105-pound Korean woman, aka "Black Widow", my mom, uncle and aunt came in to see what this was all about. My mom commented, "What's happening with Korean women these days?"

Of course, the food we ate was given a slight Korean twist. Instead of chili, we feasted on oxtail soup. We barbecued Korean spare ribs, not hamburgers and hot dogs. It was yum-my.

We headed over to the country club around 9:00 to view the fireworks. We pulled Lucas in his big red wagon. He was excited to see the fireworks. I had prepped him the night before, since we heard the booming of fireworks at our place. I showed him pictures of fireworks online and told him it would be even louder than what he was hearing that night.

When the first one went off, it kind of surprised all of us. It was LOUD! Lucas immediately covered his ears and it was clear, he was not having fun. So Kevin and I pulled Lucas in his wagon back home. There was a small group of parents like us, heading back early with their small kids who were also overwhelmed with the show. Lucas had his ears covered the whole time, but kept his eyes on the fireworks in the sky.

We got back to my mom's house and Lucas said, "Good, now we're all done with that fireworks business."

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