Monday, July 23, 2007

Happy birthday...again!

In keeping with the tradition of extending our birthdays for as long as possible, Lucas enjoyed several birthday celebrations over the course of a week, culminating in a party yesterday at our house with, at last count, 41 people.

We started the morning by decorating the cupcakes with frosting and M&Ms. After years of getting scolded by my mom for recreational tasting while cooking, here she is licking the frosting off her fingers. (When I caught her she promptly washed her hands.) Lucas, who was so excited to decorate all the cupcakes with M&Ms, decided that he needed to devote his time to decorating the most important cupcake of all, his own.

But thanks to Kevin and my mom, all the cupcakes were frosted and embellished. Although Lucas didn't really participate in the decorating, he looked on approvingly as my mom frosted the cupcakes.Desert Dave was not available on the day of Lucas' party, so his colleague, Reptile Rita (real name Stacy), came with her scaly friends. Just like last year, Kevin was the most enthusiastic of the crowd, which included about 15 kids. As Reptile Rita asked for volunteers, Kevin's arm shot up the most. After a couple rounds of being the volunteer, Kevin finally gave the younger kids the chance to get close to the reptiles.

Here is Sidney and the corn snake.
Sidney's mom and the bearded dragon.

Ben holds the bearded dragon (actually the thing was holding onto Ben) as all the kids get a turn to touch it.

Miles with the king snake.

And Robert with the boa constrictor.
And of course, we had cupcakes. Here's the birthday boy with his M&M encrusted cupcake, blowing out his candle.
This morning Lucas woke up and asked if he was having another birthday party. I had to break the news to him that birthday festivities were over until next year.

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