Sunday, July 29, 2007

Scenes from a family bbq

We had an impromptu bbq at our house last night with the Choi clan. Everyone had a job to do. Kevin and Joe manned the grill, Rocky's girlfriend Diane made some amazing mango salsa, Wonny made awesome grilled fruit with raspberry Grand Mariner sauce, Lucas looked after Milan, Rocky played with the big and small kids alike, and my mom and I puttered around trying to keep things running smoothly.

As usual, we found ways to have fun while managing to get food on the table and into our mouths.

Kevin and Rocky, the most serious people I know, took a break from their usual geek-speak conversations. See what a couple of cut-up swim noodles can do?
To defend his father's honor, Lucas came at Rocky with his own swim noodle.
Milan wanted to travel up the stairs, so Lucas escorted her. They were kind enough to even pose for a few pictures.

Wonny rocked out to some 80s classics while making dessert. At one point, I fast-forwarded to another song, and she looked up and said, "Hey, what happened to INXS?" I switched back to keep her happy.

Lucas had been looking forward to dessert all day. I told him there would be ice cream with the grilled fruit dessert. As expected, Lucas decided to forgo the grilled fruit and concentrate on the ice cream.

As he was savoring his ice cream, he said, "Mommy, it doesn't get better than this!" Maybe he was just talking about the ice cream, but I think having the family at our house, enjoying time together was what he really meant.

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