Saturday, August 11, 2007

Enter "Megator"

Lucas introduced me to the latest and greatest of superheroes this morning. His name is (drum roll)...Megator!

Megator is relatively new on the superhero scene, but here is the limited information we have on him:

Megator's origins - He hails from a planet called Xenna.
Megator's super powers - He gets rid of keratin debris like no other superhero can. Lucas also says that he can shoot fire and lava out of his body.
Megator's aliases - NonyX
Megator's "kryptonite" - Unconfirmed, but it could be toe jam

You probably haven't heard of him yet, but I'm sure he will be a household name soon. How did Lucas find out about Megator? He found him in one of our magazines and was so in awe of this superhero that he asked Kevin to cut him out for him.

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