Wednesday, January 23, 2008


When I was little my mom would darn my socks, which fixed the hole, but made them very uncomfortable; I told myself that when I grew up and had a kid with holes in his socks, I would never make him wear them and would just buy him new socks. (When I got a little older, I would try and trick my mom by throwing them away. I'd stuff them at the bottom of the garbage bag. But she always knew. After a while, she stopped darning my socks.) Needless to say, I toss Lucas' socks the minute I see holes in them (also, I'm super lame with a needle and thread).

And it's been so cold lately that when Lucas is done with his bath, I have toasty pajamas ready for him, straight out of the dryer. Yes, it wastes electricity and is super indulgent, but he loves it. And again, when I was little, and it was cold outside I would hold my clothes over the heating vents to make them warm before I put them on.

I was telling him the other day how I wished that someone would have made my pj's warm for me when I was little, so he said, "When you get to be old, I'll put your pj's in the dryer for you." I thanked him and told him that when I'm a little old lady I'll love it if someone could help me with that.

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