Thursday, January 31, 2008

So easy, even I can use it

I am a bit of a technophobe. I just learned how to send text messages from my phone last year, and could never figure out how to do it without using ALL CAPS. In December I purchased my third Canon camera. Canon is a great brand and the cameras take great pictures, but the main reason is because I've used Canons and I know how they work. I've had the same Palm Pilot since 1996 or 97. Granted I haven't used it since 2004, but I haven't purchased a new one either.

And I've always been a PC user. I've barely given the cool-looking Apple products a second glance. I passed on the cute little iMacs that came in different colors and even my boss' offer to purchase an iPhone and MacBook for me last year. I kindly refused and claimed my Samsung phone and old little Dell laptop were just fine with me.

However, last year I did purchase a cute little iPod. I loved that thing, then it was taken from me prematurely last month when our house was broken into.

So when my boss put out the offer again earlier this month for an iPhone, I seriously reconsidered. Especially now that I was sans iPod. Plus I thought it would be kind of nifty to have a camera, PDA, Internet access, phone AND my music all with one device. I replied back, "Yes, I want one."

I got it on Tuesday. And just like with my iPod, it came with a small booklet of instructions, with the friendly name "Finger Tips" - simple instructions with full-color photos for things like "Silence the ring" and "See the web up close". Everything is so damn intuitive, even for someone like me, that I haven't had to look anything up yet.

I brought it home and Lucas and I sat down and played with it together. He played with the calculator, took pictures and even learned some new lingo, "What's an icon?". Then he helped me re-arrange them on my screen. He was having fun and it was super easy for him to use it too.

I love everything about it:
  • I love that I can add photos to my contacts so when my sister calls, a cute photo of my niece pops up. It makes you want to answer the phone.
  • And I can't wait for more people to leave me messages so I can browse through them and listen to them in whatever order I want.
  • And I love love the fact that I can send the same text message to multiple people at the same time, instead of having to type in, "CHANGE OF PLAN, LET'S MEET AT 6:30 INSTEAD" over and over again. And now I can do it not in ALL CAPS.
Yesterday I went with some co-workers to the Apple store and we pimped out our new iPhones. I got a bright cyan rubbberized case for my iPhone and a tape player gizmo so I can listen to it in the car. I need to be good to it so it will be good to me.

So far, I've received three compliments me on my iPhone:
  • My boss after seeing my new case - "Wow, that's way too cool for you." (Okay, so he was complimenting my case and undermining my own marginal cool factor.)
  • My co-worker asked me to help her add her work email to the iPhone. Wow, someone finally asking me for technical help. So this wasn't really a compliment on my iPhone, but a high nonetheless.
  • Lucas said, "Mommy, I really like your iPhone. It's very cool."
I feel so fancy and high-tech I can hardly stand it.

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