Saturday, January 05, 2008

Royalty has its privileges

I know princesses, especially of the Disney variety, are super popular among my friends' daughters. In fact, it seems that most girls, especially around age 3 and 4 are totally wrapped up in the princess phenomena.

For Christmas my friend's daughter got a Dancerella Disney Princess Dance Studio, which is the princess version of Dance Dance Revolution. She also told me at least three times about her Ariel nightgown, which she proceeded to put on towards the end of her playdate with Lucas.

Well, Lucas will have you all know that a real princess lives in his house.
He made this for me yesterday.In case you are wondering, it's a princess tiara, on the inside he wrote, "I love mom".

When talk turns to princesses, I overhear Lucas say to his friends, "You know my mom is a princess...for real life!". Not sure what his friends make of this since I'm usually just standing there in my yoga pants and fleece, certainly not done up with a fancy hairdo, make-up, and a sparkly bejeweled gown.

I wonder what he thinks a princess is. Especially since my princess-ness seems to only include having tiaras made for me and him telling his friends I'm a princess. But would a true princess hear things like this?

"Can you carry me to the car? It's too rainy."
"I'm getting tired of cleaning up my toys, you do it."
"I wipe my own bottom at school and when Daddy's home, but when you're home, you can do it."

Hmmm...what would Cinderella do?

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