Thursday, March 20, 2008

ABCs of yoga

When I was stretching out on the floor the other day, Lucas assumed the role of yoga master, after a not-so-recent 6 weeks of yoga at school. He walked me through some yoga poses, which according to Lucas "are really good for you and will make you stretchy". He showed me the usual suspects: child's pose, tree pose, and sleeping pose (aka the "corpse" pose, in adult circles). I showed him the warrior and eagle poses, which he was excited to learn.

Lucas asked if I knew the letter poses. I told him I have never done the letter poses and asked him to show me.

He went through the whole alphabet. It was only around M that I thought to get my camera. Some were straightforward, like this pose:Others were more conceptual and free-form:

If Lucas is ever inclined to do this again, I'm going to try and capture all the letters so I can make a more complete yoga poster. Namaste.

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