Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My new favorite blog

I am a die-hard Obama supporter, though I will support Hillary if she ends up as the DNC's nominee. That being said, I just discovered John McCain's daughter's blog - - and I'm totally addicted to reading it.

It's pretty funny, and so personal. I love her POV on what it's like to travel on the Staight Talk Express, and her comments on things about her family, like what they're wearing.

"Check out Mom's shoes before going on stage," Meghan writes.

"Making fun of Dad's totally lame "family pic" sweatshirt!" she comments about what her dad wore at a BBQ for the press.

It makes me feel differently about McCain (not that I'm going to vote for him), because it shows more of the person behind the face. I think that if Chelsea Clinton could write as humorously and candidly, it would help Hillary's image, but I don't really think she has it in her.

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