Sunday, May 11, 2008

Phone tag drama

This past week: Lucas and one of his girl friends at school asked me to set up a play date for them.

Thursday: After hearing that I hadn't called the girl's mom yet, Lucas took the matter into his own hands and told me when I picked him up that he wrote down his phone number and put it in a girl's file at school.

Friday: The girl and her mom left a voice mail for Lucas. I coached Lucas a bit before calling her back, "If someone answers you say, 'Hi this is Lucas McKay. Can I please talk with XXX?'". He practiced it a few times and then eagerly called the girl back. I also coached Lucas on what to say if we got her voice mail, "Hi this is Lucas McKay, calling for XXX. Please call me back at XXX-XXXX." As luck would have it, we got her voice mail and Lucas left a message.

30 seconds later: Lucas wanted to call back again. I told him he should wait for her to call back.

Within the next 30 minutes: Lucas asked to call her at least five times. (I thought about that scene in Swingers when Jon Favreau's character keeps calling the girl back and leaving these awkward mesages. I didn't want that to be Lucas.) I reminded him that he just left a message and she would call back when she could.

Saturday: She called back and left a message, with some concrete dates for Lucas to consider.

Today: We will call her back and hopefully get a date on the calendar. Stay tuned.

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