Sunday, February 12, 2006

Future careers, in pictures

A doctor or dentist - Lucas had his first trip to the dentist last week. After some stalling he sat in the chair and Dr. Bob counted and brushed his teeth! Lucas got a little goodie bag with cool dentist gear, shown above. He also walked away with two toothbrushes. Since then, when we brush his teeth, he wants them brushed twice, once with the red brush and once with the blue brush.

Olympic shotputter - This is Lucas throwing stones into the Truckee River. He liked to hear them splash in the water.

Track star - This is outside the Lawrence Hall of Science, where he loves to run around in the big space before you go inside. Who knows if this is a career he will pursue, but I wanted to include this picture because it really captures his spirit and zest for life.

Architect - I built the first couple layers of the foundation for this stack of sticks at the Lawrence Hall of Science. Then Lucas pretty much took over and was so focused on building this until there weren't any more sticks in the box. I kid you not, it was 20 minutes of silent concentration.

Master ship builder - I'm not sure what the job market is these days for ship builders, but Lucas built this ship completely on his own today. He was quite proud of it, then proceeded to knock it down.

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