Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, this morning I stayed at Lucas' school for a little bit to read a couple books to him and his friend.

There was a cute little book with bees called, "Being a Friend". I thought this was an appropriate choice, being Valentine's Day and all. Basically, the message is that to have good friends, you need to BEE a good friend.

I asked Lucas and Ian to talk about what it means to be a friend. They started off innocently enough.

"Share toys with your friend"
"Be nice to your friend"
"Play with your friend"
"Draw with your friend"
"Play trains with your friend"

It was really cute to have these two little kids talk about all the things friends should do. But I should have stopped there, because the mood suddenly turned:

"Don't kick your friend"
"Don't push your friend"
"Don't grab things from your friend"
"Don't hit your friend"
"Don't call your friend a baby"
"Don't call your friend a blockhead"
"Don't call your friend a poopyhead"
"Or caca"
"Don't call your friend stupid"
"Don't call your friend diaperhead"
"Don't call your friend..."

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