Monday, February 27, 2006

Update on the house

So, the countdown is on. I've given our 30-day notice for this apartment. We'll be back in our house in less than a month.

The latest developments:
The exterior has been painted. We love the main color, but not the trim color. We already repainted it once, and I think we will repaint it again. Maybe a burgundy, against our contractor's advice.

The tile has been set in the 2nd floor bathroom and kitchen. There are small glass accent tiles in the shower and on the floor. Plus, we have radiant heat under the tile in the bathroom. As Lucas would say, "Ooh la la!"

The backsplash for the kitchen is made of white subway tiles with glass accent tiles.

The newest news is that we are redoing the 1st floor bathroom (thank god!). We will do plain white subway tiles with black accent tiles. And finally we will get rid of the horrid brass shower/tub fixtures.

Also, most of the lights are in. And so is the front door, but it still needs to be painted and installed. More to come.

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