Sunday, April 02, 2006

Lucas on beauty

We went to a birthday party for one of Lucas' classmates at Habitot yesterday. They have a face-painting station. Lucas didn't want to have his face painted, but wanted to paint mine instead. He was very focused and gentle while doing this. He used all the colors available and painted strange hieroglyphics and dots all over my face and neck.

Later that day at home, Lucas and I were talking:
Lucas: Mommy, you still have paint on your face.
Me: Where?
Lucas: Right there, on your chin.
Me: Thanks Lucas. By the way, you did a really good job painting my face today.
Lucas: Thanks Mommy! I painted your face to make you look beautiful.
Me: Oh. Well, do I look beautiful without the paint on my face?
- very, very long, long pause -
Lucas: Yes you do.
Me: Thanks Lucas. I think you're beautiful too.

This was an interesting conversation for several reasons.

First, I was really caught off guard that he knows what 'beautiful' means.

Since I don't wear make-up, except the occasional lip gloss, how does he make the connection with putting paint on your face and being beautiful? I would have been less surprised if he had said, "I painted your face to make you look like a brontosaurus." Or even a mountain lion.

Finally, I was on the edge of my seat to see if he thought I was beautiful. I think I would have felt bad if he said no. Isn't that odd?

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