Friday, April 21, 2006

First week of work, sans Lucas

My first week on the job at Kodak Gallery,, went well. My co-workers are really great and I think my projects will be fun to work on.

The one hiccough, though probably a blessing in disguise, is that Lucas woke up around 2:00 Tuesday morning with croup. So, I rushed him out to my mom's house around 7am and rushed back for work. Because of the viral nature of croup, he's been out in Moraga this whole week(he's doing much better now and I will pick him up tomorrow morning).

I went to see him Thursday morning. Only being away from home for a couple of days and he picked up a new habit...TV.

Lucas: Wanna watch TV?
Me: Not particularly.
Lucas: Let's watch Animal Planet. (How does he know Animal Planet??)
Me: That doesn't sound fun to me. Let's read a book instead.
Lucas: That sounds fun.

I wonder how long that will work for.

Lucas' absence from home gave me some time to adjust to working a full-time gig again. It also gave me some time to get caught up on the new season of Sopranos, have a night out in SF with Kimberley and Ann, go for walks before and after work, upload about 50% of my 2000+ photos from Shutterfly to "the Gallery", and get solid, uninterrupted sleep.

Next week will be very telling on how our family really adjusts to two full-time working parents.

Stay tuned.

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