Sunday, April 30, 2006

The great outdoors

Aside from getting a new member to the family, we all enjoyed the beautiful spring weather.

Lucas is fascinated by snails. He likes to find them in our front yard and put them on the outside of the window, so he can watch them from the inside. He is surprisingly gentle with these snails. See the snails on the window?

Today, I went on the Secret Garden Tour. This is my sixth straight year. Every year I think it's going to motivate me to do something with our yard, and it would, if it wasn't for the other 1/2 of the McKay household who squashes the proposed expense. This year, maybe I'll be motivated enough to do some of the work myself to minimize costs (ha ha).

Here are some photos from the tour.

While I was touring the gardens with Ann and Kimberley, Kevin took Lucas on a bug hunt at the Albany waterfront. Aside from bugs, they also found a snake and lizard. Lucas was reluctant to let the lizard go. So Kevin offered goldfish in exchange for the lizard's freedom. It worked. Lucas let go of the lizard.

They went to the fish store and bought 3 little fish. Lucas said he wanted to eat his fish. Kevin explained that these fish are not for eating, which he then explained thoroughly to me when I got home.

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