Friday, February 02, 2007

The haves and have-nots

We were driving past a construction site the other day. Lucas was very excited to see all the machines at work, so I pulled over for a bit so we could watch.

Lucas: I think they're building a house.
Me: That would be an awfully big house. (It was clearly an apartment complex or series of storefronts, as it was a block long).
Lucas: You know, when I was with Grandma Kay once I saw someone who didn't have a house.
Me: Not everyone has a house to live in. It's sad.
[ silence ]
Lucas: If people don't have a house, they should sleep in a hotel.
Me: Well, if you don't have a house to sleep in, you probably don't have money for a hotel either.
Lucas: You know, Aaron said he went to Lake Tahoe and slept in a hotel.
Me: Aaron's family has a house, but he went on vacation. When you go on vacation, you sometimes sleep in a hotel.
Lucas: We only have a house, not a hotel.
Me: We are lucky to have a house to live in.
Lucas: We have a big house, but we don't have a hotel.
Me: You're right, we don't have a hotel.

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