Saturday, February 24, 2007

Lessons from Lucas

I am continually reminded of how much I learn from Lucas.

Yesterday, Lucas asked me for the 3rd time to play cars with him, and for the third time, I said, "Lucas, I told you already. I'm going to finish putting the dishes in the dishwasher, then I will play cars." His response? "Mommy, sometimes you are so serious, you make me want to laugh!"

I wasn't the only one who learned something from Lucas this past week. Lucas is currently really into his dinosaur book. He has the dinosaur names and facts memorized (triceratops has 3 horns and a bony neck shield to protect it from its enemies, etc.) Lucas informed me that he has to read this book to my mom, "because she doesn't know how to say the dinosaur names".

Who knows what he will teach me next? How to have a good organizational system for my paperwork, how to do our taxes, or maybe how to multiply and divide fractions - some of the many things I have yet to learn.

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