Friday, February 09, 2007

Lucas explores choreography, or "Oh, if the neighbors could see us now!"

This morning, Lucas requested his favorite CD, which currently is The English Beat's "I Just Can't Stop It". It's fast-paced, kind of hyper, happy music, which fits Lucas to a tee.

Lucas asked that I dance with him, but not just any dance. He told me I was going to be the princess and he would be the angel king.

Once Lucas' song of choice began, "Mirror in the Bathroom", he started running around and sliding on the floor, which I guess is how all angel kings dance. I was doing my normal head bobbing and subtle dance moves (for anyone who has seen me "dance", you know my dancing skills are VERY lame.) But luckily, Lucas gave me some pointers:

Lucas: Dance like this, spin around on one foot.
Lucas: And put your arms up in the air. (I spin on one foot and arc my arms, this was what I was shooting for, see below.)

But Lucas had other ideas.

Lucas: No not so your hands are touching, but just up in the air like this. (He demonstrates, more like the referee motion for touchdown). You need to dance like this, like a ballerina.

Me: Oh, like this? (And I do the referee move, as seen above).

Lucas: Yeah, just like a ballerina.

Lucas: You have to dance like that. You can't run around fast like me because you're a princess, not a boy, and not even a dad.

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