Friday, February 23, 2007

When fate steps in

After a week of a lot of "bad" eating (aka lots of carbs), I woke up today and thought, "Today I will get back on track with healthy eating."

Even as I walked with Kimberley to Semifreddi's, I didn't plan on getting anything. I didn't even bring my wallet. I walked in and one of the girls asked what I was having and I said, "Nothing for me today."

But then a couple minutes later, I saw a hot chocolate with my name on it (not literally, but I could tell it had extra chocolate and they left about 1/4" at the top, which I always request). I asked Joanne, the other girl who was working the coffee machine if it was for me.

Joanne said she was kind of on auto-pilot and when saw me she just made my hot chocolate. She said I should take it anyway, no charge.

And who am I to let a good thing go to waste?

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