Monday, September 18, 2006

"Isn't it bootiful?"

After a big day of not doing much of anything, I laid down on the couch to rest for a bit. Lucas was upstairs with Kevin and his suitcase of stickers (Lucas' not Kevin's). After a while, I heard Lucas come down the stairs.

Lucas was carrying one of his prized cars, newly adorned with stickers.

Lucas: Look mama, look what I made for you. Isn't it bootiful?

Me: Wow, it's the most beautiful car I've ever seen! I love it! Thanks for making that for me.

Lucas: You love it? You really do? I made it for you. I think it's bootiful. See all the colorful, shiny stickers?

Me: Yes, I really really love it Lucas. It's the most beautiful car ever!

Lucas (pointing out various stickers): See, I put on purple and blue stickers. You like those colors right?

Me: I love purple and blue. They're my favorite colors.

Lucas: Me too. We must be best friends.

Me: We sure are.

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