Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Pro-nun-ci-a-tion and im-i-ta-tion

The other day I was reading "Jumanji" to Lucas, and we got to the part about the volcano and lava.

Lucas: Oh I know 'lava', it's a little bug, right?
Me: Actually, that's 'lar-va'.
Lucas: La-va.
Me: LAR-va is the little bug and LA-va is the hot stuff that comes from a volcano. Can you say "LAR-vuh"?
Lucas: LA-vuh.
Me: Close. Say it with me, "LARRR-vuh".
Lucas: LAR-vuh
Me: Good, now "LA-vuh"
Lucas: LA-vuh.
Me: Nice

A few hours later, we were talking about food and he said something about celery.

Me: Did you just say "celery"?
Lucas: Yes, celery. Can you say ''cel-uh-reee''? Say it now, ''cel-uh-reeeeee''!

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