Monday, September 18, 2006

Tips for a successful play "date"

Here are some tips from Lucas, the typical 3 year old swinging bachelor, on getting close to that special someone.

Ella came over for a play date on Saturday and Lucas quickly put his strategy in place.

#1. Start slowly. Do something completely platonic that both of you enjoy, like play-doh or just hanging out at the train table.
#2. Flatter her. Ask her to do something that you know she really likes, like ballet. Make sure you flatter her enthusiastic but rudimentary attempts at Swan Lake. Even while flattering, honesty is your best bet: "I've never seen Swan Lake performed quite like that before", "That's a unique interpretation of that ballet.", "Wow, you really put your all into it."And be attentive.

#3. Order her meal for her. Most girls like a guy who can take charge (though there are exceptions). Find something you both like and then place your order. "Mommy, Ella and I will both have the peanut butter and honey sandwich on wheat. With some canteloupe on the side, in a different bowl. And can we have water with straws please?"

#4. Get cozy. Ask your mom to read a book after lunch. Here are a couple that usually get positive responses from the little ladies.

"Little Bear" (Wow, that Little Bear is so sweet and funny, kind of like Lucas.)

"Japanese Folk Tales" (Gee, I never knew Lucas was so worldly and cultured.)

Choosing the right book can make or break a date. Don't choose anything too boy-ish, but don't sway too much to the girl side either. If you pick something like "The Paper Princess" she might think you'll never be anything but just a good friend, or worse yet, someone who she can look to for advice on shoes and tu-tus.

#5. Make your move, timing is key. Make sure everything is in place. Ella was all cozy on the couch from storytime. Then, I waited patiently for my mom to finally leave the room, and see, I just cuddled up to her.

Final tip, when your date says, "You need to get off of my lap now." Oblige politely, if somewhat reluctantly. There's always the next play date.

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