Thursday, September 07, 2006

New school - day one

Lucas started at his new school, Growing Light Montessori, on Tuesday. I was very nervous about how he would adjust, as changes and transitions are hard for most 3 year olds.

In addition to adjusting to his new teachers, classmates, and everything else that comes along with going to a new school, I wondered about how he would do with going to the bathroom. He's been diaper-free for going pee since May, and just last Thursday started pooping in the toilet. I expected some setback on that front, but wanted him to succeed just the same.

Lucas insisted on wearing his PJ top. It was clean, so we went with it.

Kevin and I hung out with him on the playground. He was thrilled with the plethora of tricycles and scooters that littered the playground. He would go off and play and then run toward me (as seen in the photo) and dole out one of his "body slams". He liked climbing this one tree and was told repeatedly by another kid, "You can't climb the tree, it's against the rules." I didn't know if this was the case, so we gave Lucas the benefit of the doubt, he was really enjoying himself.

Once playtime was over, the kids lined up and walked up to their classroom. They settled into circle time and his teacher Javanka played the guitar and sang some Spanish songs. Lucas on the other hand, sat by my feet. He would inch closer to the circle and look at me, I would nod and make a little pushing movement with my hand, like "Go ahead, it's okay to sit in the circle." After about 5 minutes he was sitting with the other kids.

While Javanka was singing, one or two kids at a time would go in the middle of the circle and dance/skip around. It was the cutest thing ever, since most 3-4 year olds can't really skip or dance, but they did it with such enthusiasm, it was great to see. I didn't take a picture because I didn't want the kids to be too aware of the adults at the back of the room. However, now that I think about it, these kids are too young to be that self-conscious and probably would have been pleased that their dances were being recorded by someone. Next time.

Lucas was a little clingy when we said bye, but was placated by the fact that it was snack time. (The boy loves food!).

I came back to pick him up at 3. I was pleased to see he was in the same clothes (which meant no accidents) and also diaper free! Javanka and Nobu said he had a great first day and was talkative and outgoing once we left. When Lucas saw me, he ran up and the first thing he said was, "I went pee twice in the toilet!". Then, he didn't want to leave, as they had just finished naps and came to the playground. So I hung out and he played for quite a while. Then I took him for a celebratory snack to Bette's and then to the Ark where I let him pick out one toy (from the wide variety of pricey toys, he chose the $5 train).

We celebrated at home with one of his favorite dinners, home-made chicken nuggets, with extra ketchup.

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Lindsey said...

Great news all around! Don't you love those days/weeks when it just seems like everything is falling into place...