Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Getting hitched

Over the weekend at my mom’s house we watched our wedding video. Lucas watched it too. During the ceremony, I cried while reading my vows. Lucas asked me, “Mommy, why were you crying?” I said, “I cried because I was so happy to get married to Daddy.”

In the car ride home, Lucas kept asking me about why I cried in “the wedding movie”. I explained to him that sometimes people cry when they’re really really happy.

Lucas: Will you cry when we get married?
Me: Lucas, we aren’t getting married. Mommies can’t marry their kids. I’m married to Daddy. One day you’ll find someone really nice and special to marry. And when you do, I’ll be so happy I’ll cry.
Lucas: But why can’t I marry you? You can be married to two people.
Me: No, you can only be married to one person. Don’t worry, you’ll find someone special when you’re older and you’ll be very very happy.
Lucas: But who’s going to marry me? (a note of desperation in his voice)
Me: Someone really special. Whoever marries you will be the luckiest person in the world.
Lucas: Okay, I guess I’ll just marry Ella.

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